companyW e are Quality Assurance Professionals, Managers, and Inspectors. We have experience in dozens of transportation projects and varied backgrounds in passenger railroad - railcar, locomotive, production, maintenance, and parts procurement. We have worked on Intercity trains, subways, passenger railcar production, maintenance, procurements, as managers and as Quality Assurance representatives. We have participated in Subway car overhaul / mid-life rebuilds / re-powering, and Light rail overhaul and parts procurement.

Our Team
John Frye

photo John is a Quality Assurance professional with over 45 years of railroad experience. He is a trained ISO 9000 Lead Auditor, ISO 9001-2015 Transition Auditor, and trained as a Certified Quality Manager, is a Six-Sigma Green Belt, and is an American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspector.

John’s client service includes performing numerous vendor qualification, process and capacity audits of manufacturers, hundreds of source inspections, and has participated in and assisted in numerous First Article Inspections of railcar components and systems.

Over the years John has developed deep and broad experience in rail transportation quality control and quality assurance with key vendors. His experience has included staying current with railroad infrastructure technology including CWR, friction modifiers, track signaling, rail/wheel interface, vehicle defect detection, and Positive Train Control.

John is a highly seasoned professional versed in communicating and collaborating with all levels of clients’, vendors’ and contractors’ staff.

John has written several books on how companies can implement Quality, the latest being Bringing Effective Quality Assurance Into A Small Business, (available on AMAZON) This book is used as the classroom guideline for Quality Assurance related seminars John teaches. Seminars are typically ½ day for Senior Officers, and ½ day for workers and supervisors. More detailed seminars are also available for Store-room, Quality Control personnel, Buyers, and other company personnel.

Additional Staff

With my history in Quality Assurance, I have many QA professionals on call for special projects where a team of auditors and or inspectors may be needed.