Let Transportation Quality Services present ways we can train your workforce, your managers, or your customers on any level you choose. Our goal in all we do for our clients, and for the Transportation industry, is to make Safety, and Quality a consistent component of the corporate mindset

  • Seminars for Managers, Supervisors, Foremen and Project Lead Persons on the implementation of a Quality Assurance Program, and how to implement proper Quality Control.

  • TQS can train line supervisors on how to set up and administer a proper QC operation.

  • Our staff can train all within the company to use and discuss quality issues with the same language. This training eliminates missed communication as resolutions to quality problems are undertaken.

  • We have trained line workers on a new product, or service coming into a company, including new technology used in manufacturing, railcars and transit vehicles.
  • We can assist your Procurement workforce in setting up a proper incoming inspection program, saving serious money in having defective product accepted into your warehouse.

  • If your company is developing a new product line, we can support your sales staff by training your customers on how the product is used, maintained, or repaired. We can be a part of how your customers can get the best results using your product.